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¡Nuestros programas e iniciativas no podrían ser posibles sin el apoyo de personas como usted! Cada poquito nos ayuda a crecer como organización y comunidad.

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¡Nuestros programas e iniciativas no podrían ser posibles sin el apoyo de personas como usted! Cada poquito nos ayuda a crecer como organización y comunidad.

¡Considera donarnos hoy!


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De Raíces a Risas Play Packages: 

Our intergenerational, culturally diverse and celebratory summertime playgroup turned into Play Packages for our families! Packages included 2 brand new bilingual Latinx authored books, a kite making kit and an activity booklet with links to musical playlists, song lyrics, and a kite making video tutorial by award winning Mexican kite artisan, Pedro Cuacuas!  

Si Se Puede; Kaleidoscope: 

Si Se Puede transformed into Kaleidoscope; a virtual group mentorship program! From August to December, Latinx high school students were able to engage in workshops and panel discussions with Latinx professionals and experts alongside their Latinx college student mentors! We covered all things college and career related, from FAFSA and Scholarships, to power of personal narrative.

We are so excited to share with you what we’ve been up to over the past year, what is around the corner!

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La Cultura Cura: 

In April we relaunched Latinx Leaders as a Women and Femme focused social support group; La Cultura Cura, with our first special guest speaker, Alex Purple Liera! Alex gave an incredibly moving presentation on the Power of Sisterhood! 

Next up we will be joined by Yanet Limon-Amado and Jase Hatcher, who will be talking to us about the importance of social solidarity within our Latinx communities. Get to know all of our guest speakers here! 

CHISPA BBY Interns: 
In January we kicked off our first ever internship program, CHISPA BBY, with 5 very special Latinx students! Since our start date, we’ve been holding weekly virtual check ins with our BBY interns! They’re well into the planning for CHISPA 2021 and will be with us until CHISPA wraps up in mid October! If you haven’t yet, get to know them here! 


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De Raíces a Risas 2021: 

That’s right, we are gearing up for another round of De Raíces a Risas play packages!  This year, with the support of Maddison House, we’ll be focusing on a theme of “¡Jugando con Mi Familia!”  (Playing with my Family), for our packages! Packages will include a traditional Loteria card game, a bilingual children's book, and art supplies for the entire family! Sign up forms for packages will be opened up in early June!

CHISPA 2021: 

Our CHISPA BBY Interns have been busy planning CHISPA 2021 for our community! They’ve researched and reached out to various artists, started envisioning what their visits might look like, and learned a lot about what it takes to put together a community program! We don’t want to give away what artists they have lined up for us just yet! But let us tell you that estamos MUY EXCITED! So stay tuned for a future announcement about that!


Si Se Puede; Kaleidoscope 2021: 

Can you believe it?! Si Se Puede; Kaleidoscope applications for both mentors and mentees are now open! Going virtual was a huge learning experience for us last year, and one of the best things that came out of this virtual format was that we were able to support students from further away! So this year, we’re offering a hybrid virtual and physically distanced in-person program for our vaccinated students and their mentors. We’ve made some major improvements to our plans, including more consistent check ins with our Kaleidoscope cohorts, and adding in more parent involvement throughout the program.

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